Feature | Digital Camera Magazine

ConwayMX is featured in the January 2012 edition of Digital Camera Magazine as part of their ‘Five-Minute Masterclass.’  The article focuses on the British GP at Matterley Basin and in particular the photo of Billy Mackenzie which made our ‘Best of’ feature last week.

Who’s the rider and where was this shot taken?

“It’s Billy Mackenzie, shot during the FIM World Motocross Championships at Matterley Basin in Winchester, August 2011. I always try to capture the emotion of the day in my reportage and the intensity and focus shown in the eyes adds so much to the shot.”

How did you choose your shooting position?

“I always walk the track before the race to find the angles that work best. It’s important to understand the track before you start shooting; not only will it ensure your own safety, it will also help you compose your shots. Often a great shot can be ruined by a cluttered background, so taking the time to visualise your shots will help.”


What equipment and settings did you use?

“I used a Canon EOS 1D Mk IIn and a Canon 300mm f/2.8 lens. Exposure was 1/1000sec at ISO 200. I use between 1/800sec and 1/1250sec for this kind of shot. The key is capturing the explosiveness of the mud without freezing the subject. If the shutter speed is too slow, your shots are likely to lose clarity and sharpness; too quick and the subject looks static.”

What makes Motocross so exciting?

“Motocross is probably the most accessible motorsport and offers great photographic opportunities for the pro or amateur. It’s such a colourful sport and really lends itself to the camera. There is nothing better than capturing riders pushing themselves and their bikes to the limit.”